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Kathleen Weaver

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Kathleen Weaver


I am currently available for computer science tutoring, web design and web hosting.  I also offer computer concierge services, setting up accounts, etc.


I offer services in setting up websites for others, and have done Shirley Poeck, Tesoros Beagles and the American Beagle Relief Network.  My own websites are here and at
I have several moodles that people can use to learn things or I can set up a moodle for you from one of mine:
  • Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Game Programming with XNA
  • Diabetes Alert Dog training, including social behavior.


I can do full concierge services, for example, I have sat on the phone and cancelled services for a user.  I gone through the internet and made sure that her physical address has been changed on every site after a recent move.  I can also train in the use of new technology and set it up for you, for example, I have recently set up a server and backups for their computers for another user.


With the recent security concerns, I can set up a password manager, and teach you how to use it.  I can do this either in person or remotely.


When I am available for tutoring and similar services, you can find me at That works well for both of us because you get a free trial and they handle the billing for me.



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